Wednesday, March 6, 2013

fight winter blues with color of your own

january. february. march. the most infamous months on the minnesotan calendar. when you inhale the very oxygen is saturated with the driest, cold air--no body was made to properly absorb such a chemical composition. and ladies, my dear amies in this arduous battle, trust me i feel your pain. your smooth, naturally sun browned, baby soft skin is loooong gone. you drink water, take vitamins you apply and re-apply the best natural lotions and oils, but its an age old tale of man verse the elements, and in most cases the elements wins (just think of 'To Build a Fire'). no ma' dears, it saddens me to say, its all sandpaper and leather from here till May.

but here's an idea to help you remember that winter is just sent to try us, and that groundhog opinion aside, spring is coming soon! here is an idea to help keep a positive mentality: create a beautiful forcer garden for a sunny window in your house; within two weeks you will have gorgeous flowers.
here's what you'll will need:
1. paper white bulbs and hyacinth bulbs (we didn't grow ours in a forcer like the paper whites but you still can do it with hyacinths--in my personal opinion hyacinth smells like pee), buy at Bachman's or some grocery stores.
2. forcer vases. we got ours at a thrift store but i'm sure they would have cute ones at Homegoods or Michaels. in retrospect, i would recommend colored glass because in the clear glass the H20 gets yellow because of the bulb mineral thingys.
3. tap water
place bulb in the forcer vase but don't let it touch the H20 or it will rot the bottom. it's roots will find the water on its own, don't fear. try keeping the water about 1/2'' below the bulb's butt. place near a window with a lot of natural light and presto! gorgeousness waiting to happen!

happy wintering! stay moisturized!

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