Saturday, September 28, 2013

reader, i married him

on july 13th 2013 i walked down a grass aisle and married my best friend. two years of "goodnights" on my porch finally behind us. three months of planning was at an end. we were together--completely together at last and it felt so right. after i read my vows to keegan something inside me flipped. i felt different, more committed in my love to him almost as if a physical change had taken place inside me.
 i wanted our wedding to feel like "us"--to have meaning. keegan and i are rather free-spirited and not very traditional.

we were humbled as the love of our friends and family surrounded us and rejoiced with us. i've never laughed and cried so much in a single day.

 love this dog. forever a tomboy getting muddy.
three generations.
life is sweet.

keegan and i love a good game of chess as we snuggle on the couch on a friday night. i won't disclose who wins most often, but it explains why we plopped two chess pieces on top of our cake.
winner of the year 2013 cutest flower girl ever award.

due to the out door venue we couldn't do a slide show, but an old window i got for $9 at an antique shop, cleaned it up and used double sided tape to place pictures worked quite nicely.

our family photo history hall going back four generations.
cut log round from our woodpile, moss, ribbon. insta ring bearer "pillow". total cost $2.

Heading to the house to get the luggage...
 gearing up for the send off. keep your mouth closed and your head down! 
thank you everyone who made our day perfect. special thanks to our parents for their unending support and love. we are truly blessed.

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