Tuesday, March 5, 2013

cold tea & guinea pigs

"what am i doing?" i glance at my second cup of Starbucks "Passions" tea now just a silky glob of honey at the bottom of the mug. maintaining a blog is like buying a new pet--like a guinea pig--it requires maintenance, love and time. its not a big deal to most, but to me firing up this guinea pig means i need to be committed to doing what i've set out to do. it's like gearing up to do anything difficult: lifting weights, having your in-laws over to dinner, or kissing the boy you like for the first time. you take a deep breath go for it, and hope for the best.
so here's the deale-o:
goal: one post every week featuring different topics that strike me as interesting, all original things that i'm doing--no nose picking other websites. different articles may include: life in the Twin Cities, health/wellness, fashion on a budget, lil' Susie Homemaker tips, DIY--"and put some elbow grease into it" topic. 
comments and ideas are welcome and appreciated. let me know about your guinea pig too so i can check it out. after all, we are our own weird community and we have to band together! chow! 

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